Volunteer Opportunities

  • Directing – Directing a performance requires previous experience and a willingness to invest a large amount of time and energy.
  • Costuming – Aspects of costuming include the creation of costumes, making use of existing costumes, and fitting costumes to each performer. People are also needed to assist performers with costume changes.
  • Lights – Aspects include lighting design and running lighting equipment.
  • Sound – Aspects include sound design and running sound equipment.
  • Make-Up – Aspects include make-up design, running make-up workshops, and assisting performers with make-up application.
  • Set Design – Aspects include the design and architecture of sets.
  • Set Construction – Aspects include building sets and assisting with building.
  • Props – Aspects include making and acquiring props for a performance.
  • Back Stage Help – Aspects include serving as Stage Manager, opening and closing the curtain, assisting with set and costume changes, and any additional help needed back stage.
  • Concessions - Sell soft drinks and snacks to patrons before showtime and during intermission.
  • Graphic Designer – Aspects include designing program and advertisement art.
  • Auditioning – Performers work on a volunteer basis. Auditions are open to the general public.

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